Best Cheap Health Insurance in Ohio (2024)

Are you on the lookout for the best health insurance options in Ohio? Whether you’re seeking coverage, a family in need of a comprehensive plan, or a self-employed individual exploring your options, finding the right health insurance plan is crucial.

In this guide, we’ll explore Ohio’s top health insurance providers, including the cheapest options available. Additionally, we’ll delve into the average cost of health insurance per month in Ohio and consider insights from Reddit users on the best health insurance plans in the state.

Whether you’re seeking coverage for yourself or your family, we’ll help you navigate the landscape of health insurance in Ohio to find the plan that meets your needs and budget.

Best Health Insurance in Ohio

How much does health insurance cost in Ohio?

On average, a 40-year-old Ohio resident pays around $535 monthly for a Silver health insurance plan. Silver plans are popular for their balance of coverage and affordability. However, your actual costs may vary depending on factors like your age and the specific tier of plan you select.

In Ohio, seniors typically face higher health insurance costs than younger individuals. This is because older adults are more prone to requiring expensive medical treatments. For instance, a 60-year-old in Ohio can expect to pay over double the amount a 40-year-old pays for a health insurance plan, regardless of the coverage level chosen.

How much does health insurance cost in Ohio

Cheapest Health Insurance in Ohio 2024

Selecting a metal tier impacts both your insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

In Ohio, MedMutual offers the most budget-friendly Catastrophic plan, while SummaCare provides the cheapest Bronze option.

For Gold plans, Oscar stands out as the top choice. Additionally, AultCare offers competitively priced Silver and Platinum plans.

Cheapest Health Insurance in Ohio by Metal Tier

The AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select No Pediatric Dental plan is the cheapest Silver option in Ohio, priced at $429 per month. This shows that many people prefer Silver plans. If you want lower monthly payments, you might choose Bronze plans, even though they could mean higher costs when you need care.

Health insurance plans are divided into metal tiers, which determine how much you pay each month and how much you might need to pay out of pocket for care.

Here are the most affordable health insurance plans in Ohio from each metal tier:

  • Catastrophic: Market HMO Young Adult Essentials (MedMutual) – $213/month
  • Bronze: SummaCare Bronze 8000 (SummaCare) – $340/month
  • Expanded Bronze: SummaCare Bronze 9450 with 3 Free PCP Visits (SummaCare) – $354/month
  • Silver: AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select No Pediatric Dental (AultCare) – $429/month
  • Gold: Gold Classic Standard (Oscar) – $481/month
  • Platinum: AultCare Platinum 1650 Health Savings 500 (AultCare) – $887/month
Metal TierCatastrophicBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
PlanMarket HMO Young Adult EssentialsSummaCare Bronze 8000AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select No Pediatric DentalGold Classic StandardAultCare Platinum 1650 Health Savings 500
Monthly Cost$266$340$429$481$887
Maximum Out-of-Pocket$9,450

Cheapest Silver Plans in Ohio

The cheapest Silver plan in Ohio is the AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select No Pediatric Dental, provided by AultCare, with an average monthly cost of $429.

Here are the three most affordable Silver plans available in Ohio:

  • AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select No Pediatric Dental from AultCare ($429/month)
  • AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select from AultCare ($433/month)
  • Silver Simple PCP Saver from Oscar ($434/month)

Silver plans are great for people expecting to use healthcare services but want a balance between monthly payments and extra costs. If you qualify, discounts can lower deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. This makes Silver plans a good choice for moderate-income folks seeking affordable coverage and protection from high medical bills.

Cheapest Gold Plans in Ohio

Oscar’s Gold Classic Standard plan is Ohio’s cheapest Gold tier health insurance, priced at $481 per month.

The three most cheapest Gold health plans in Ohio are:

  • Gold Classic Standard by Oscar ($481/month)
  • Clear Gold by Ambetter ($487/month)
  • Everyday Gold by Ambetter ($494/month)

Gold plans are great for those needing regular medical care. They balance monthly premiums with out-of-pocket costs, though premiums are higher than Silver or Bronze plans. Gold plans are cost-effective for surgeries, prescriptions, and ongoing treatment.

Cheapest Bronze Plans in Ohio

The cheapest Bronze plan in Ohio is SummaCare Bronze 8000 from SummaCare, costing around $340 per month on average.

Here are the three most affordable Bronze health plans in Ohio:

  • SummaCare Bronze 8000 by SummaCare ($340/month)
  • SummaCare Bronze 8000 with Travel Assistance + Adult Vision Exam by SummaCare ($340/month)
  • Market HMO 9450 by MedMutual ($406/month)

Bronze plans have cheap monthly premiums but higher costs when you use health services. They’re good for young, healthy folks who don’t need a lot of medical care. Also, for those who want to spend less monthly but still have coverage.

Cheapest Expanded Bronze Plans in Ohio

In Ohio, the cheapest Expanded Bronze plan is SummaCare Bronze 9450 with 3 Free PCP Visits, costing $354 monthly.

Here are the top three affordable Expanded Bronze plans in Ohio:

  • SummaCare Bronze 9450 with 3 Free PCP Visits by SummaCare ($354/month)
  • SummaCare Bronze 9450 with 3 Free PCP Visits + Travel Assistance + Adult Vision Exam by SummaCare ($354/month)
  • Bronze Classic PCP Saver by Oscar ($357/month)

Expanded Bronze plans are for people who prefer lower monthly premiums but are okay with paying more for medical services when needed. They’re good for those who don’t anticipate needing much medical care or are willing to pay more upfront. These plans offer coverage for major health emergencies while keeping monthly costs down.

Cheapest Catastrophic Plans in Ohio

The cheapest Catastrophic plan in Ohio is the Market HMO Young Adult Essentials from MedMutual, priced at $213 per month.

Here are the three most affordable Catastrophic health plans in Ohio:

  • Market HMO Young Adult Essentials by MedMutual ($213/month)
  • SummaCare Value with 3 Free PCP Visits + Travel Assistance + Adult Vision Exam by SummaCare ($225/month)
  • Secure by Oscar ($229/month)

Expanded Bronze plans offer a middle ground between basic coverage and higher-tier plans. They’re great for those seeking lower monthly premiums but better benefits than basic plans. These plans suit individuals willing to pay more out-of-pocket for lower monthly payments, ideal for those expecting low to moderate healthcare use. They’re a good choice for young, healthy individuals or those wanting some protection without high premiums.

Cheapest Platinum Plans in Ohio

The most budget-friendly Platinum tier health plan in Ohio is the Platinum 1650 Health Savings 500 plan from AultCare, priced at $887 per month.

The top three cheapest Platinum plans in Ohio are:

  • AultCare Platinum 1650 Health Savings 500 by AultCare ($887/month)
  • AultCare Platinum 500 by AultCare ($915/month)
  • AultCare Platinum 1150 by AultCare ($934/month)

Platinum health plans are best for those needing frequent medical services. While they have high monthly premiums, they offer the lowest costs when using medical care. These plans are ideal for people with chronic conditions or who need regular care, as they minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

Cheapest Health Insurance in Ohio for Those With Low Income

Ohio residents with incomes below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level qualify for reduced costs on Silver plans, which helps lower deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

The AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select plan without pediatric dental is the cheapest option for people earning between $14,580 and $21,870 annually. It has a maximum out-of-pocket cost of $650.

The cheapest Silver plan options & their costs include:

  • AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select without Pediatric Dental (Monthly Cost/$429)
  • AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select (Monthly Cost/$433)

Cost-sharing reductions in Ohio are only available through Silver plans. The individual income criteria stated here differ based on household size.

Cheapest Health Insurance in Ohio by Plan Type

In Ohio, the most common type of plan is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). Along with HMOs, people in Ohio can also get PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans.

The cheapest HMO plan in Ohio is the Silver Simple PCP Saver offered by Oscar, and it costs $434 per month.

  • HMO: Silver Simple PCP Saver by Oscar ($434/month)
  • PPO: AultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select No Pediatric Dental by AultCare ($429/month)

HMO plans need members to pick a main doctor and need referrals to see specialists. PPO plans give members more freedom to see doctors inside and outside the network without a referral.

Cheapest Health Insurance in Ohio by County

Health insurance prices and the availability of specific plans change depending on the county in Ohio. When we compare the cheapest plans in the biggest and smallest counties by population, we can see this difference:

  • Franklin: Silver Simple PCP Saver by Oscar ($434/month)
  • Vinton: Silver 8 by Molina ($457/month)

The table shows all available plans in each county in Ohio.

Cheapest health insurance plan by Ohio county
CountyCheapest planMonthly rates
AdamsMolina Silver 8$433
AllenMolina Silver 8$455
AshlandAmbetter Standard Silver$443
AshtabulaMolina Silver 8$398
AthensMolina Silver 8$473
AuglaizeMolina Silver 8$455
BelmontMolina Silver 8$468
BrownMolina Silver 8$433
ButlerMolina Silver 8$433
CarrollAultCare Standard Silver Premier Select$442
ChampaignAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$439
ClarkAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$439
ClermontMolina Silver 8$433
ClintonMolina Silver 8$433
ColumbianaAmbetter Standard Silver$450
CoshoctonMolina Silver 8$468
CrawfordCareSource Silver$515
CuyahogaMolina Silver 8$398
DarkeAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$439
DefianceMolina Silver 8$443
DelawareOscar Silver Simple PCP Saver$434
ErieUHC Silver Advantage$460
FairfieldOscar Silver Simple PCP Saver$434
FayetteAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$469
FranklinOscar Silver Simple PCP Saver$434
FultonMolina Silver 8$443
GalliaCareSource Silver$544
GeaugaCareSource Silver$432
GreeneAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$439
GuernseyMolina Silver 8$468
HamiltonMolina Silver 8$433
HancockMolina Silver 8$455
HardinCareSource Silver$498
HarrisonMolina Silver 8$468
HenryMolina Silver 8$443
HighlandMolina Silver 8$433
HockingCareSource Silver$510
HolmesMolina Silver 8$451
HuronUHC Silver Advantage$460
JacksonAmbetter Standard Silver$490
JeffersonMolina Silver 8$468
KnoxAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$469
LakeMolina Silver 8$398
LawrenceMolina Silver 8$457
LickingOscar Silver Simple PCP Saver$434
LoganAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$469
LorainMolina Silver 8$398
LucasMolina Silver 8$443
MadisonOscar Silver Simple PCP Saver$434
MahoningMolina Silver 8$429
MarionCareSource Silver$548
MedinaSummaCare Silver 7000$414
MeigsCareSource Silver$510
MercerCareSource Silver$498
MiamiAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$439
MonroeCareSource Silver$515
MontgomeryAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$439
MorganCareSource Silver$515
MorrowMolina Silver 8$489
MuskingumMolina Silver 8$468
NobleCareSource Silver$515
OttawaUHC Silver Advantage$460
PauldingMolina Silver 8$455
PerryOscar Silver Simple PCP Saver$434
PickawayAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$469
PikeMolina Silver 8$457
PortageSummaCare Silver 7000$414
PrebleAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$439
PutnamMolina Silver 8$455
RichlandCareSource Silver$515
RossMolina Silver 8$457
SanduskyUHC Silver Advantage$460
SciotoMolina Silver 8$457
SenecaUHC Silver Advantage$460
ShelbyAnthem Silver Pathway 5800$439
StarkAultCare Silver 7900 Premier Select$429
SummitSummaCare Silver 7000$414
TrumbullMolina Silver 8$429
TuscarawasAultCare Standard Silver Premier Select$494
UnionOscar Silver Simple PCP Saver$434
Van WertMolina Silver 8$455
VintonAmbetter Standard Silver$490
WarrenMolina Silver 8$433
WashingtonCareSource Silver$510
WayneMolina Silver 8$451
WilliamsCareSource Silver$449
WoodMolina Silver 8$443
WyandotUHC Silver Advantage$460
Cheapest Silver plan for a 40-year-old with rates.

What to Know About Health Insurance in Ohio

We’ve analyzed all the health insurance choices in Ohio. We explore private insurance in the marketplace, which comes in different levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. We also discuss Medicaid and Medicare options. We aim to assist you in selecting the most suitable healthcare for you by providing clear and accurate information.

Private Health Insurance in the Ohio Marketplace

In Ohio, the time to sign up for private health insurance usually matches the federal Health Insurance Marketplace schedule, running from November 1 to December 15 every year. People can look at, compare, and sign up for health insurance plans during this period. If you miss this deadline, you might have to wait until the next open enrollment, unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) because of events like getting married, having a baby, or losing other coverage. Short-term health insurance or joining your spouse’s plan could be options outside these times.

Medicaid in Ohio

Medicaid is a public healthcare program in the United States that helps low-income individuals and families get medical coverage. In Ohio, whether you can get Medicaid depends on things like how much money you make, how big your family is, and other special situations like being pregnant, having a disability, or being old. Usually, you need to have income at or below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level to qualify.

Medicaid focuses on helping kids, pregnant women, older adults, and people with disabilities. Each state has its own rules for who can get Medicaid. If you live in Ohio, you can apply through the state’s Medicaid website or office to see if you qualify.

Medicare in Ohio

Medicare is a health insurance program from the government mainly for folks who are 65 or older and for some younger folks with disabilities or severe kidney problems.

In Ohio, you can qualify based on your age, if you’re disabled, and other things like being a citizen or resident.

Medicare has different parts:

  • Part A pays for hospital bills.
  • Part B covers doctor visits.
  • Part C, called Medicare Advantage, includes A, B, and often D for drugs.
  • Part D helps with prescription drugs.

Also, there are Medigap plans that can add more coverage to your original Medicare.

FAQs About Best Health Insurance in Ohio

How much is health insurance in Ohio per month?

On average, a Silver health insurance plan for a 40-year-old in Ohio costs around $535 per month.

Does Ohio offer free health insurance?

Yes, Medicaid provides free healthcare coverage for families, kids below 19, and expectant mothers.

Does Ohio use the federal or a state marketplace for health insurance purchases?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) says that each state must have a place where people can buy health insurance on their own. In Ohio, the government runs this health insurance exchange.

Do you legally have to have health insurance in Ohio?

No, on December 22nd, 2017, Congress approved significant tax reform laws that included adjustments to the individual mandate.

What is the age limit for health insurance in Ohio?

Usually, you can be on your parent’s plan until you’re 26, even if you: get married, have or adopt a child, or start or leave school.

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