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What is MyMercy?

MyMercy app is a completely free user-friendly application that lets you control your health online via your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Make use of MyMercy to communicate to your health care team and manage your health anytime, anyplace


Mymercy Login App Features

MyMercy app MyMercy application is a mobile app created to assist patients in managing their health needs easily on the comfort of their smartphones. Here are a few functions and features of the application:

Connecting & Sharing

Give Friends and Family Access: Make sure you take good care of children as well as other family members in one place.

Link Health Accounts from Other Health Systems: All your health records to one from different healthcare institutions.

Share Your Health Records When You’re Away from Home: You can share your medical records with other medical organizations when necessary for your treatment.


View Your Health Summary: Get all of your medical information from one location, including tests and medications, allergies health history, and preventive health care.


Message Your Care Team: Send a message to your care team regarding non-urgent medical attention.

Request a Refill: Request a renewal of your prescription and get a notification when your medication is ready to pick up at the pharmacy.

Scheduling & Appointments

Schedule an Appointment: Make an appointment, look up information about the past and future appointments, and then add yourself to the waiting list to be notified when a later appointment time is made available.

Digitally Register for Your Appointment: Check-in at home, allowing you to be more efficient before you go to the clinic. Pay for copays on visits, confirm your insurance and medical information Answer questionnaires and electronically sign your documents.

Arrive for Your Appointment: Make use of your MyMercy application to notify the front desk staff know that you’ve arrived.


Payment & Insurance

Review Your Bill: Check out a list of your hospital and clinic billing accounts or register for paperless billing, and pay online payment.

Request Financial Assistance: Get help paying medical bills. You can establish an automatic payment plan that will make your payments for medical costs every month.

Get an Estimate: Find estimates of the cost of taking care of the most common procedures.

To log in to the MyMercy app, you will need to follow these steps:

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Users must sign in using the MyMercy app and follow these rules:

  1. Install MyMercy from the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  2. Launch the app and click”Log In” and then click on the “Log In” button.
  3. Fill in the details of your MyMercy login and username into those fields that are appropriate. If you don’t already have one, create one by clicking “Sign Up” and then according to the instructions.
  4. Once you’ve completed the login details, you can click”Log In” after which click on the “Log In” button.
  5. If your login credentials are accurate, you’ll be signed in to MyMercy. MyMercy app . You can access your health information appointment, messages, and other features offered by the application.

You may obtain help from our MyMercy Customer Support staff if you experience any difficulties logging into the MyMercy program.

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