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Women’s health depends on breast health. Regular screening detects breast problems and allows early treatment. provides breast cancer screening mammography. This article discusses mammograms, scheduling, and frequently asked questions. Let’s discuss breast health’s importance!


Why Should You Schedule a Mammogram?

Early detection:

Mammograms detect breast cancer early, improving treatment outcomes. Early detection enhances survival and treatment success.

Preventive Care:

Mammograms detect cancer and other breast problems. Early detection of benign or non-cancerous alterations ensures proper therapy and decreases anxiety.

Risk assessment:

Mammograms determine breast cancer risk. Regular screenings allow doctors to track changes and customize screening strategies for high-risk patients.

Peace of Mind:

Being proactive about breast health with regular mammograms gives you peace of mind. It helps you to manage your health and identifies any difficulties early, calming worry.

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Mammogram Screening Recommendations

Women should start doing self-breast checks at age 19 and see a doctor once a year for a checkup to check for lumps that could be cancer.


If your breasts are very dense, your doctor may send you a letter after your mammogram to let you know. This indicates an imbalance between fibrous or glandular tissue and fat. Young women are disproportionately affected. There is a slightly increased risk of breast cancer in women who have thick breasts. Screening recommendations might be made after discussing your results and family history with your doctor.

Beginning annual screening mammography prior to age 40 is recommended for those with a strong family history of breast cancer.

Women who have dense breast tissue or a family history of breast cancer can benefit even more from newer testing modalities like 3D mammography, ultrasound, or breast MRI. Talk to your OB/GYN at Mercy to find out if you need one of these additional tests based on your risk factors.

Mercy Medical Center mammogram Scheduling

Call the Mercy Breast Care Center at 330.489.1493 to make an appointment for a screening or diagnostic mammography. Schedule your diagnostic mammography at Mercy Hospital’s main campus between 8 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

What is the recommended age to start mammogram screenings?

Women who are at a moderate risk for breast cancer should start getting annual mammograms starting at age 40, according to the American Cancer Society. However, it is essential to discuss your personal risk factors with your doctor in order to establish the best time to start screenings.

How often should I get a mammogram?

Screening mammograms should be performed at varying intervals according on age and individual risk factors. After the age of 40, women should get mammograms every year or two. The screening plan your doctor suggests will depend on your specific health situation.

Is a mammogram painful?

Mammograms are generally well-tolerated despite the possibility of mild discomfort or pressure. Clear and detailed images can only be obtained by compressing the breasts during the operation. If you’re having a lot of discomfort during your mammogram, be sure to tell the technician so they can change the process for your comfort.

What should I do to prepare for a mammogram?

On exam day, avoid using deodorants, lotions, powders, or creams on your breasts or underarms as these can interfere with images.
The technique requires undressing from the waist up, so wear comfortable clothes.

Breast implants may require additional images, so tell the technician.

Follow any special advice from your doctor.