Mymercy Technical Support


Mercy Health System, a healthcare institution that serves patients in several countries, provides MyMercy, an online portal and mobile app.

Among other things, it allows patients to access their medical records, contact with healthcare providers, make appointments, refill prescriptions, and examine test results.


MyMercy support typically involves technical assistance for utilizing the portal or app, such as fixing login issues, guiding users through the features, or answering questions about the platform’s functionality.

In addition, MyMercy may provide customer help for billing questions or general enquiries about Mercy Health System services.

I recommend checking Mercy Health System’s official website or contacting their customer support directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding MyMercy and its support features.

Mymercy Support

There are various choices accessible to you if you require technical support with MyMercy. You can find answers to frequently asked problems on the MyMercy help page, such as how to reset your password or troubleshoot issues with the app or website.

If you want additional assistance, please contact MyMercy customer care via phone or email. You can also request assistance through the MyMercy app’s support feature.

If you have any queries or issues with the MyMercy app, you can also email [email protected].

How do I get support for MyMercy?

If you are having difficulty accessing your MyMercy account, please contact us at 888-986-3729.

How do I register for MyMercy?

To sign up for MyMercy, go to the MyMercy registration page and enter your patient information, including your MyMercy access number and billing account information.

What can I do with MyMercy?

MyMercy lets you book appointments, email your care team, get lab results, track your health history, seek refills, pay your bill, and more. Self-tracking programs let you access your family’s health data and upload health and fitness data, including “Apple Health app” data.