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Mymercy provides an internet-based platform which lets patients get access to their medical information, interact with their healthcare professionals and book appointments online.

It was created to give patients an efficient and safe method to manage their healthcare requirements in the comfort of their homes.


To log into Mymercy users must sign up for an account and enter some basic details such as the name of their doctor, postal address and contact information.

How to Login to MyMercy?

  1. Open a web browser on your computer pc or mobile device and go to the MyMercy login page.
  2. Click on the “Sign in” button.
  3. Enter your MyMercy username in the first field.
  4. Your username is usually your email address or a unique identifier provided by Mercy Health System.
  5. Enter your password in the second field.
  6. Click on the “Log in” button you can see to access your MyMercy account.



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Mymercy Registration

Take your health with you Schedule appointments, E mail your doctor, Get lab results, Track your health history, Request prescription refills, Pay your bills online and much more

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Once registered, you can use MyMercy to communicate with your care team and manage your health from anywhere at any time.
You can also share your health records with friends and family, link health accounts from other health systems, and more. If you are having difficulty accessing your MyMercy account, please contact us at 888-986-3729.

Mymercy offers a range of benefits to patients, including

Mymercy is an internet-based platform offering various benefits to patients that make it simpler to take care of their medical requirements.

With features such as convenient access to health records and appointment management and secure messaging, prescription refills along with bill pay, Mymercy helps patients save time and remain connected to their medical providers.

After the account has been created users can log into Mymercy by using the username/password to gain access to a variety of features, such as:

Convenient Access to Medical Records:

Patients no longer need to physically visit the office of their healthcare practitioner to view their medical records.

Easy Appointment Management:

Patients can schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments through Mymercy, which helps them save time and avoid long wait times.

Secure Messaging:

Mymercy provides a secure messaging platform that allows patients to communicate with their healthcare providers. This can be especially useful for asking questions, getting test results, or seeking advice on minor health issues.

Prescription Refills:

Patients can request prescription refills through Mymercy, which eliminates the need for them to visit their healthcare provider’s office or pharmacy.

Bill Payment:

Patients can view and pay their bills online, which makes it easier to manage healthcare expenses and avoid late fees.

Enhanced Patient Experience:

Mymercy helps patients to feel more connected and engaged with their healthcare providers, which can improve the overall patient experience.


Mymercy saves time for patients by allowing them to manage their healthcare needs from home, which means less time spent on administrative tasks and more time for other activities.

Mymercy is an encrypted platform that utilizes the most recent encryption technology to secure the privacy of patient’s medical and personal information. Patients can be confident that their information is secure and only accessible only to licensed healthcare providers.


Mymercy is also mobile-friendly, meaning patients are able to access their health information on any tablet or smartphone It is easy to keep in touch with their healthcare team while on the move.

MyMercy Chart

MyChart can help you take charge of your health by giving you free, personalized, and safe access to health care online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With MyChart, Mercy Health patients can make appointments, look at health details, get test results, refill prescriptions, and talk to their care team.

Sign up for MyChart

Already have a MyChart account? Simply click below to instantly access your medical information:

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New MyChart users

You can sign up for MyChart in three easy ways:

Register online 

At your last visit to the doctor, you may have been given a 10-digit authorization code. If that’s the case, click here to sign up online. If you don’t have an access code, don’t worry. You can still sign up for MyChart as long as you tell them a little bit about yourself. If you don’t have an authorization code, click here to sign up.

Register at your provider’s office 

Setting up an account at your doctor’s office is quick and easy when you go in for your next visit.

Register by phone 

Want to sign up for my chart by phone instead? Just call 844-552-4278 to get in touch with the Mercy Health MyChart help line.

Mymercy app

Mymercy provides a mobile application that allows users to view their health information and track their appointments and medication on their tablets or smartphones. The app is accessible for both iOS as well as Android devices. Patients can download it at no cost through either the App Store as well as Google Play.

Mymercys app

MyMercy – Support

Take your health with you Schedule appointments, E mail your doctor, Get lab results, Track your health history, Request prescription refills, Pay your bills online and much more

If you require MyMercy support, please visit the MyMercy support page. For non-medical inquiries, please call 888-986-3729. If you have any questions concerning the MyMercy app, please send an email to [email protected].

Mymercy Faqs

What is Mymercy?

Mymercy provides an online service that lets patients view their health records online, interact with their healthcare professionals and track schedules and medications online.

How do I make an account for Mymercy?

Visit the Mymercy website and select the “Sign Up” link to create an account. Your name, address, and other identifying details will need to be entered. After you fill out the form, you’ll be prompted to set up a username and password for future logins.

Is Mymercy safe?

Absolutely, Mymercy can be described as a secured platform, which makes use of the most advanced encryption technology to safeguard the privacy of patients’ medical and personal information. Patients can rest confident that their information is secure and will only be available only to licensed healthcare professionals.

Can I log into Mymercy via my mobile phone or tablet?

It is true that Mymercy can be accessed via mobile devices and is accessible via any tablet or smartphone that has internet access.

What is the feature set Mymercy provide?

Mymercy provides a variety of options, such as easy acces to health records appointment management secure messaging, refills of prescriptions as well as bill pay.

Do I have the ability to communicate with my healthcare provider via Mymercy?

Sure, Mymercy provides a secure messaging system which allows patients to talk with their medical professionals. This is particularly useful to ask questions, get test results or seeking advice about minor health concerns.

How do I make an appointment via Mymercy?

To book an appointment on Mymercy sign into your account and then click”Appointments” “Appointments” tab. From there, you’ll be able to see available appointment times and make an appointment that’s convenient for you.

Can I pay my bill via Mymercy?

Absolutely, Mymercy allows patients to check their bill and pay it online, making it simpler to control medical expenses and reduce charges for late payments.